The Uber Passenger Who Wouldn’t Stop Harassing Me – With Video Links

Last night I went to a Fraternity house near Crawford Falls to pick up a rider.  After confirming her name and that there were less than 4 riders, they all hop on in.  I start the trip, confirm the destination and off we go!

However, it starts to become clear that one passenger sitting in the rear is not having a good night.  He yells obscenities out the window to another SUV as we leave the parking lot.  Things get worse when he sees me wearing my “Make America Great Again” hat.  BTW, normally I get lots of compliments on it, not cursed at because of it but I digress.

He starts saying all sorts of things, clearly embarrassing other people in the car.  He liked saying the N-word a lot, even calling me a “n***** a** p*****  b****”.

I pressed a button on my 360 dual dash cam to let everyone know that this ride was being recorded in hopes that it would calm down his behavior.  It did not, it actually made things worse.

I waited till I got closer to DT to let them know that I was going to end the trip early because I was concerned that the irate passenger would do something crazy, which he ended up doing anyways.

After going through the intersection in DT Clemson, I told them to get out and politely explained to the rider who ordered the ride that I was ending the trip because of the irate passenger, not because of her.  Of course the crazy guy had a hard time keeping his mouth shut as he exited the vehicle.

I thought I was done with that trip but in this youtube video, about 20-30 seconds in, you can clearly hear the irate passenger that had just exited my vehicle yelling and beating on the window, hard enough to where I thought it might break.

Wait it gets better, in this youtube video, you can clearly hear and then see the same guy hitting on the passenger window AGAIN and on the hood.  Yes, one panel did get pushed in and the paint is cracked because of it.

Joke is on him though because as you can see in the the video, a Clemson police officer ran across the street to chase him down and put him in cuffs.

I pulled into a parking space afterwards to document the trip in my own words to send in to Uber, but guess what.  I woke up the next day finding out that the fare for this exact trip had been adjusted to $0.00 from the $2.40 that I should have gotten because apparently I “picked up the wrong rider”?!?!

Excuse me, I’m calling baloney on this one.  Actually, I confirmed the name of the rider before they got into my car.  I am still working on resolving this issue with Uber.  It sounds like Uber is trying to avoid liability if you ask me.

Wait, it gets worse, I also woke up to a report that a rider suggested that my professionalism could have been better on a ride!  I’m willing to bet that it was this ride, but due to the anonymous nature of rider feedback I may never figure this one out.

For the record, I’ve had thousands of people in my car and have never had negative feedback concerning professionalism.

But wait a second, how can a rider that “didn’t even ride with me” complain about my professionalism?  Go figure.  I smell something fishy going on.


$793 = the number of dollars on the estimate to repair my car from the damage he did.

Uber adjusted the fare to $3.97, so now they are either over paying me because most trips that distance are between $2 and $3, or I have a TON of trips that I’ve previously been under paid for…

Youtube sent me an email saying the “primary party” (guy that harassed me) submitted a claim because I alledgedly violated their privacy guidelines.  I have 48 hours to remove or edit the video, or else youtube is going to review the claim.

UPDATE: 3/2/17

$752.15 = the number of dollars on the estimate that Uber’s insurance company gave me

Uber surprisingly volunteered to pay everything above $250 on the $1000 deductible for the estimate for the repairs, so I should be getting a check for $502.15 soon.  I wonder if having  video evidence had anything to do with this…

I’ve been emailing back and forth with the police officer that arrested the subject.  I’m trying to get the guy to give me $250-300 to cover the rest of the repair estimate.

Today I learned how to blur out faces and edited out the subject’s face in the video and reposted it on youtube as the original video was taken down by youtube for violating their privacy guidelines…

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